Bell BioEnergy

News and Media


Tifton Gazette – “Discovery could end energy crisis” 3/15/08

World Net Daily – “Anything that grows can convert into oil” 3/19/08

Wealth – “Impossible? Not Always” 3/21/08

Breaking Christian News – “Government Support for Simple Energy Research” 3/22/08

The New York Times – “Fuel Choices, Food Crises, and Finger-Pointing” 4-15-08

World Net Daily – “National news media burying amazing oil discovery” 4/16/08

Tifton Gazette – “A big story right here in Tifton” 5/6/08

Tifton Gazette – “Bell Bio-Energy and Department of Defense to build demonstration plants” 7/29/08

Revolutionary Paradigm – “A Solution to the Oil Crisis” 8/15/08

World Net Daily – “U.S. green lights anything into oil” 9/4/08

DLA Press Release – “Defense Energy Support Center and Army test turning waste into fuel” 10/7/08

Fort Drum Press Release – 10/16/08

BPH Press Release – “Herman Cain Joins Bell Plantation Holdings, Inc.” 12/6/08

The Washington Post – “Pentagon Prioritizes Pursuit of Alternative Fuel Sources” 4/12/09

U.S. Dept. of Energy EERE Press Release – “Secretary Chu Announces Nearly $800 Million from Recovery Act to Accelerate Biofuels Research and Commercialization” 5/05/09