Bell BioEnergy

Company History

Georgia Bell Plantation, Inc, an agricultural research company, was founded by J.C. and Jo Bell in 1991. The components of the original company cover nine target areas ranging from forestry to cattle.

Initially, the concept was to create “end products” ready for retail from the commodities grown by farmers. Bell’s vision of developing ways and means to assist the family farm has exceeded his vision. Over the years, Georgia Belle Plantation, Inc. has grown from an experiment, to a full-fledged organization.

Because a very ordinary fact of nature was observed through unconventional eyes, Bell BioEnergy, Inc. was established and has become a pioneer in the fuel production arena. J.C. Bell, CEO of Bell Plantation, is an inventor and always looking ahead.

As the story goes, Mr. Bell stood downwind from a herd of Bell Plantation cattle one late and especially warm summer afternoon when he observed a simple, but true, biological fact: bacteria, residing within the rumen of cattle, create a particular hydrocarbon byproduct. This original natural gas byproduct is better known as methane.

The scientific hypothesis then formulated by Mr. Bell was simple: identify the specific bacteria, and replicate the process; that is, create hydrocarbon! While the principles remain the same, the end products of Georgia Bell Plantation, Inc. have evolved from primarily food to food and energy. Hence, Georgia Belle Plantation, Inc. – a Georgia corporation – was restructured. Georgia Belle Plantation, Inc. has now become Bell Plantation, Inc. and successfully merged into Bell Research Companies, Inc, a Delaware corporation.

From Bell Research Companies, Inc, two separate subsidiaries have been formed. They are now Bell Plantation, Inc. and Bell BioEnergy, Inc. Both companies are Delaware corporations.

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